Boutique Homestay Retreat




We at Jog Niwas are passionate on all our pursuits. From our patronage and involvement in the revival of many near forgotten luxury arts of India to our dedication in the protection and conservation of our natural areas and wildlife to the opening of our home for travellers wishing to experience authentic old-world Rajasthan. Jog Niwas - our home, interior salons, and guest rooms were created in the pursuit of a perfected ideal where gracious hospitality, exceptional living, material culture and beauty fuse into an enchanted symmetry . We look forward to sharing the exceptional and anomalous Jog Niwas with you.  


PaRFUMERY and the tradition of ittar

One of the interior salons of Jog Niwas is dedicated to bespoke parfum and ittar. Ittar is the traditional method of parfum creation in South Asia. Botanical extracts of extra fine quality are created into bespoke parfum for our clientele from around the world.  As a guest at Jog Niwas you are able to make an appointment and have a private sitting where you can learn more on parfum or have a parfum bespoke created just for you following centuries old tradition. 

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interior salon tours, bespoke shopping and art collecting, wildlife watching, connoisseurship, gastronomy, music, poetry and dance. 

As a centre for the living and material culture of India Jog Niwas is a lifestyle experience. As our guest you are able to take a class on connoisseurship learning the process and methodology on how to identify objects and quality, walk and see wildlife up close in our savanna, take a Rajasthani cooking class, listen to master poets and musicians, or shop and acquire the finest art luxuries made in India today. 


Fine Dining On-Site

Jog Niwas has authentic local - house prepared - Rajput and Indian cuisine made fresh for every meal using local ingredients. The gastronomic culture of Jodhpur is famous with many now mainstream Indian dishes having their origin from the Jodhpur region. Exceptional well-known and private royal recipes of both vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes are available for your dining pleasure - and to your spice quotient wishes. 


In-House specialty drinks

The non-alcoholic mixology culture of the erstwhile royal Rajputana kingdoms is little known outside of our region. Extracts of local flowers, fruits, spices and woods are combined into some of the most refreshing and unique cordials. If you love teas you will also find a rare selection at Jog Niwas of high grown first flush and bud teas to strong single estate breakfast teas - Enjoy!