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City & Culture


City & Culture

Jodhpur is the 2nd largest city in Rajasthan and the capital of India's erstwhile courtly culture. From Jodhpur's magnificent 15th Century Mehrangarh Fort - set high above the old city - to its old town bazaars, famed food, and stunning Umaid Bhawan Palace - where our royal family still resides - Jodhpur has something for everyone.

Jodhpur is best known for its architecture, handicrafts, music, poetry, dance, and food as well as being the gateway to the immense Thar Desert and stunning off-the-beaten track wild areas. Within the Jodhpur region is the best place to take a camel safari, stay in the desert, learn about India's art and art history, take a cooking class or to see the many rare species of our region - including great birding and the best area in India to see Leopard, Indian Gazelle, and Mugger Crocodile. 


Fine and decorative arts

Jog Niwas is the leading centre for the revival and education in the courtly arts of India (Handmade carved schist stone screen pictured above). We offer private Jog Niwas interior salon tours for our in-house luxuries as well as short classes and lectures on India's art and art history, natural perfumery, and connoisseurship. 



Jog Niwas houses the authentic luxury brand Gajendra Shanane - By Royal Appointment which hand-makes India's finest luxuries in her own worksshops.  Jodhpur is also famous for hand-made dhurrie floor coverings, wood furniture, spice trading, and tie and dye cottons. Ask us for a tour of the Jog Niwas interior salons, carpet makers or old town bazaars. 

wildlife Jog Niwas Feb 4 2017 058.JPG

World class Wildlife

Just outside the gates of Jog Niwas is a wild area where hundreds of different birds and species live. Indian Gazelle (pictured above) along with Blue-Bull Antelope (Asia's largest Antelope) roam wild and free along with the rare Desert Hare and Endangered Desert Fox. Peacocks are everywhere along with many other resident and migratory bird species. We can arrange a wildlife safari by walk, just ask!  


Music Venues

Jog Niwas patrons some of the finest traditional musicians in Rajasthan. We often have evenings with live music and if courtly or folk music is your interest let us know and we can organize a concert while you are our guest.