Boutique Homestay Retreat
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Rooms and Classes

Jog Niwas heritage rooms for our guests and all about the cultural experiences and specialized art, parfum and connoisseur classes given in Jog Niwas. All classes are taught by Shanane Davis - the imminent Central and South Asian decorative art scholar, and master in connoisseur techniques and processes.


your Rooms at jog niwas and a bit of information on our classes and courses


The courtyard room / $40 U.S. Dollar per night inclusive of all taxes

The garden room / $38 U.S. Dollar per night inclusive of all taxes

Fit for one or two but spacious enough for three. The Garden Rooms have complimentary Wi-Fi, fine local furnishings including Queen size wrought iron bed, wooden chairs and table, en suite bath as well as direct views of the Jog Niwas indigenous gardens. The garden rooms open up directly into the salient Jog Niwas courtyard where interior salons beckon with fine and decorative arts gleaming behind displays, water fountain, and lounges where you can sit and relax or read a book beneath indigenous trees. 


The terrace room - suite / $50.00 U.S.Dollar per night-inclusive of all taxes

Whether you’re a couple, a family of 4 or travelling solo, The Suite at Jog Niwas is there for when you want to live it up. It features complimentary Wi-Fi, a plush Queen bed, two jungle wood sleeping divans, large en suite bath. The suite has direct access to the upstairs terraces where you can view the indigenous outside gardens, wild savanna and wildlife, or a panoramic city view of Jodhpur in the distance. 




Special Offers - unique classes and cultural experiences


interior salon tours and classes  

For the art and luxury lovers out there - we have specialized classes and cultural experiences at Jog Niwas with classes and short lectures on the fine and decorative arts of India, perfumery, local gastronomy and an introduction to connoisseurship.  


indian cookery class

anytime  / $12 U.S. Dollar per person (includes materials) Please email us for a reservation

Always wanted to learn how to cook authentic Indian or local Rajasthani cuisine? Here's your chance. We will give you a 2 hour cooking class on some of the finest of our local and regional Indian dishes. Once the class is completed - Bon Appétit.

indian art and art history class / $35 U.S. Dollar per person - 12 pm to 5 pm - advance reservation needed - please email us.

A half-day Indian art and art history class focusing on the introduction to traditional Indian miniature painting, its various courtly styles and processes.

Taught by Shanane Davis - a leading authority on the decorative arts of Central and South Asia. or

parfum (Ittar) introduction - the process and art and science of making natural parfum / $35 U.S. Dollar per person - 12 pm to 5 pm - advance reservation needed - please email us.

An introduction to the world of making high quality parfum from natural extracts. The art and science of parfum and its chemistry and applications.

Taught by the parfum master Shanane Davis or

connoisseurship - an introduction to - $78 U.S. Dollar per person - 10 am to 7 pm - including lunch - advance reservation needed - please email us.

Taught by the connoisseur Master Shanane Davis

The secret world of learning the methods and processes to become a connoisseur - how to identify and understand a subject or object of worth in design, aesthetic and quality control. or


come join our 2nd connoisseurship camp - june 9th to 22nd - only 25 placements available or

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